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Basically Square

All your bases are belonging to us.

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Since I seem to be sticking with the whole base making thing, I figured a community was in order to publish them around Live Journal.

Requests for bases are always welcome. Please comment in the first post (found here)and some one will get back to you shortly.

REQUESTERS: Please remember when requesting bases, if you don't provide the picture(s), the request may take longer as the person filling the request will have to track down suitable pictures, spend time cropping the pictures as well as editing them so they make good bases. For faster results, provide a link to the pictures you would like cropped.

CROPPERS: Please reply to the request you are going to fill. There can always be more than one person filling a request at a time because no two people will crop the same way or pic the same pictures all the time.

Posting Rules:

1. Get approval to join.

2. ONLY BASES may be post. NO!!! icons! Not even text less ones.

3. No more than 3 teasers. Some people do still use dial up.

4. Any post with more than 3 bases MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ CUT!

5. Please use this icon table maker to keep things pretty and organized. Or, if you use a different table maker, use that.

6. Standard comment, credit no stealing bandwith rules apply, as always.

7. Please describe the post in the title briefly. A more detailed summary (# of bases, what the bases are etc) can be put in the body of the post, above the cut.

8. Plagarism can be hard to prove with bases so, honour system will DEFINATELY be on use here.

I think that's really about it. These rules are subject to change, however. I will post a notice that if/when they are change.

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