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Hi, dear ones!

It has been a long time since I offered resources to my dearest members here at cokeandmint. So, I am opening this post with loads of bases to catter to every taste. For today, three sets of bases. Harry Potter cast, actress Emma Watson, and Death Note anime. They are NINETY-ONE bases for you to edit and spread icon love all around! Isn't gorgeous? :D

I will not write one of my giant-like posts and leave you with the goodness in 100x100!
Have fun and enjoy!

  • Harry Potter Cast ( two different photoshoots ): 25 bases

  • Emma Watson ( several photoshoots ):  37 bases

  • Death Note Anime ( Episode 06 ~ Open Seam ): 29  bases

This is a very 'condensed' preview!


( This is a fake cut, but I assure you it is a decent, honest cut! :D )